DIY Girls Sparkling Hair Barrettes with Rhinestone Chain

Summary: This girls' hair barrettes project aims at showing you a fine way about diy hair barrettes with rhinestone trim and red yarn. It is a quick way to embellish your plain barrettes.

DIY Girls Sparkling Hair Barrettes with Rhinestone Chain

Without exaggeration, this kind of upcycled diy hair barrettes is a chic piece for instant fashion embellishment. They are not that shining and outstanding as luxurious hair accessories, although they are dainty and pretty, like a puff of fresh air pleasing everyone. That’s why we eagerly recommend this jewelry making project for you. 

DIY hair barrettes

Materials for DIY hair barrettes:

Blank barrettes
Red embroidery threads
Rhinestone chain
Wire cutter

Materials for DIY hair barrettes:

How to DIY girls hair barrettes with rhinestones?

Step 1: prepare rhinestone for barrettes

Cut out a piece of rhinestone chain covering the barrette from one end to the other.

prepare rhinestone for barrettes

Step 2: do wrapping between rhinestone beads

1st, One hand hold the rhinestones and the other hand start wrapping red thread around in between; And as the picture shows, there are 4 wraps between each pair of adjoining rhinestones.

2nd, When reaching the end of barrette, go back and wrap all the way along with 3 wraps in between for each pair; 

o wrapping between rhinestone beads

Step 3: finalized the hair barrettes

When back to beginning again, secure the wrapping and cut off excess thread.

DIY girls hair barrettes

The final pieces are like this:

rhinestone hair barrettes

Tada, the project of diy hair barrettes are finished; actually the inspirations and designs involved in our jewelry making projects are simple and practical; some are even unnoticeable, but prove to be quite awesome changes because of wonderful results.

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