Handmade Jewelry Design - How to Make Cute Wrapped Headbands with Rhinestones

Summary: This handmade wrapped headband is designed for sweet girls! They will love the fashion hair accessory adorned with shimmering rhinestones.

Handmade Jewelry Design - How to Make Cute Wrapped Headbands with Rhinestones

When seeing this cute rhinestone hair accessory design, I want to bring a bunch of them home for my little angels. However, as a crafter, I prefer to DIY fashion hair accessories for them. Join me and learn how to make wrapped headbands decorated with bright rhinestones within 30 minutes.

Things used in this rhinestone hair accessory:

Bare Headband
Yarn or Silk Thread
Rhinestone Chain

materials for DIY wrapped headband

How to make the cute rhinestone hair accessory?

Step 1: Glue thread onto the bare headband

1st,cover your table with old newspapers or magazines and get an enough long length of string;
2nd,start gluing the string onto the inside of the bare headband.

glue thread onto bare headband

Step 2: Wrapping threads along the headband

1st,wrap the thread around the headband over and over to cover it up;
2nd,after covering the entire headband, glue the end of the thread as you did at the beginning and secure glue drops.

wrap threads

Step 3: Add rhinestone trim onto it

1st, choose the place your rhinestone trim will begin and start wrapping a new thread around the rhinestone chain just like step2, make sure to glue the beginning of the thread in place.
2nd,make sure that the focal rhinestone is symmetrical and remove the excess rhinestone trim and thread tail, secure with glue as well.

add rhinestone trim


wrapped headband

This handmade rhinestone hair accessory will be my sweet girl’s birthday present. For the moms who are browsing gifts for kids, I would highly recommend trying the DIY wrapped headband full of love. Have a nice day!

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