Easy-to-follow Guide on How to Make Wire Wrap Hoop Earrings with Pearls Around

Summary: If you enjoy different wire wrapping techniques and love making wire wrap earrings, here is a pair of dangle hoop earrings with pink and ivory pearls wrapped around. Easy but elegant!

Easy-to-follow Guide on How to Make Wire Wrap Hoop Earrings with Pearls Around

There are a plenty of ways to wrap accessories with wire. A very small gift, like a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, can be diversified and versatile. In this tutorial, you will learn how to wire wrap pair of dangle hoop earrings embellished with some pink and ivory pearls beads for a romantically dream-like look.

Supplies needed for the wire wrap earrings:

8mm Ivory Glass Pearls
6mm Pink Glass Pearls
Handmade Alloy Chains
0.5mm Copper Wire
Earring Hooks
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Supplies needed for the wire wrap earrings

How to make the wire wrap earrings?

Step 1: Make a wire and pearl hoop dangle against finger

1st, cut a length of 50cm long wire, then wrap it against finger for 4~5 times;
2nd, remove the coils from finger;
3rd, hold the existed coils by another 2~4 new wraps;
4th, string one 8mm ivory pear and fix by making 2~4 wraps;

Make a wire wrap against finger
5th, add two 6mm pink pearl and fix in place in the same way;
6th, add another groups of one 8mm and two 6mm pearls around the hoop;

add the 8mm and 6mm beads one by one
7th, keep 6mm wire at end and trim off the excess;
8th, tuck the leftover wire in the first added 8mm pearl bead;

remove the excess wire and tuck sharp tip in adjacent bead
9th, make another same wire and pearl hoop earring dangle.

make another same hoop dangle

Step 2: Prepare the connective chain

Find a distinctive handmade alloy chain strand. Remove two units from it.

Prepare the connective chain

Step 3: Add the earring hook

1st, open the two rings on chain units and hook the dangle. Close the rings then;
2nd, open the loop of earring hook and attach the chain link. Close the loop then.

Add the earring hook


finished wire wrap pearl hoop earrings

Pearls are always regarded as the synonym of nobility and elegance. That is, whether you're making simple beaded earrings with pearls or such wire wrap earrings, pearls will never let you down! Just use your creativity and flair!

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Comments (3)

Feb 18, 2014 at 12:01 PM Bethanny Parker

This would be a great project for someone who is new at wire wrapping. I linked to it in my weekly craft roundup at http://craftscrazy.com/weekly-craft-roundup-feb-15-2014/.

Mar 10, 2014 at 11:09 AM lana sweat

Thank you for the instruction! I am just beginning to learn jewelry making. I put a pendant type stone in the middle of earring and I did not have the connective chain so I used piece of wire and a bead. I made some mistakes, I think the biggest was I was nervous to use too much wire and so it did not look as substantial or uniform, also they were slightly different in size. Thanx again.