Free Seed Bead Jewelry Tutorials-Make Your Own Statement Easter Necklace

Summary: The free seed bead jewelry tutorials may probably be the easiest you can do at home. You merely need to get some seed beads and safety pins and a lot of patience. When you see the final statement Easter necklace, the result is truly spectacular!

When hear about the Easter, the first color occurs in my brain is the yellow. This color may make me fell refreshed and surprised and then get rid of the chaos speedily. Therefore, on the occasion of Easter, I’m happy to share the free seed bead jewelry tutorials about making piece of statement Easter necklace with you and here we go!

Materials may need in state Easter necklace:

12/0 Seed Beads

8/0 Seed Beads

Safety pins



Tiger Tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

How to state the seed bead jewelry tutorials?

Step1: match the beads and safety pins

Open the safety pins and start to slide seed beads onto them. Here, I adopt both 12/0 and 8/0 Seed beads. Prepare about 40-50 such groups.

Step2: make the Easter necklace

1. Snip a long wire;

2. Form a loop on one end of the wire by crimp bead;

3. Place the 12/0 pieces and 8/0 ones onto the wire alternately;

4. Loop the other end in same way;

5. Finish the closure simply out of several Jumprings and Lobster Claw Clasp or you may also choose to attach a Stain Ribbon strand for rest part of your statement Easter necklace.

All right, your Easter necklace is ready now! Additionally, if you wanna make your Seed beads groups stay in place, try adding extra one 12/0 seed beads between each two groups. This may help prevent your safety pins from gathering together in one place. Whatever, thanks for all your supporting on my seed bead jewelry tutorials. 

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