Make Fun Cluster Pendant Necklace for Kids Modeled on the Pixar Movie Up

Summary: This is a fun cluster pendant necklace for kids, in which the cute pendant is modeled on the flying house appears in the Pixar movie up. It’s really a stunning craft to work with kids!

Make Fun Cluster Pendant Necklace for Kids Modeled on the Pixar Movie Up

In my previous project, I’ve showed the way Making a Custom Up Movie Necklace with chains. However, to work with chains is a bit of hard for most beginners as well as the kids. So, I came up with another cute cluster pendant necklace by using some beads, pins and felts. It is much easier to follow and practice when compared with the previous piece.

Supplies needed for the fun jewelry for kids:

8mm Colorful Acrylic Beads
Sewing Thread
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

Supplies needed for the fun jewelry for kids

How to start the fun up movie themed necklace for kids?

Step 1: Make the house with felts

1st, cut out a rectangle pink piece (house), two square green pieces (windows) and one trapezoid grey piece (roof);
2nd, sew the roof on top of your house;
3rd, sew on the two green windows;
4th, make a door with thread only;

make the felt house
5th, cut a small rectangle grey piece as the chimney;
6th, cut another piece of pink felt according to the semi-finished house frame;
7th, glue the three parts carefully and the house is finished.

add a chimney

Step 2: Make the bead cluster as balloons

1st, string the selected beads on headpins respectively. Keep 6mm pin and make a simple loop with it by using pliers;
2nd, measure a piece of 25cm chain around the neck;
3rd, attach the beaded dangles onto the first 3~4 chain links for a cluster;
4th, open one small-sized jumpring and attach another end of chain.

make the balloon cluster with acrylic beads

Step 3: Hang on the house

1st, pierce a hole on the house roof;
2nd, attach the pendant on the last chain link by using a medium-sized jumpring.

Hang on the house


finished fun movie themed necklace for kids

Making such things for kids is always so fun and thought-provoking. With a design based on the plots, you can create all sorts of movie themed jewelry by using your own unique flair. Hope you will like this cute pendant necklace!

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