How to Make a Custom Up Movie Necklace with a Hot Air Balloon Pendant

Summary: This project aims on how to make a custom necklace that inspired by a movie, and in it, the highlight is a flying house. Has that reminded you of some plots?

How to Make a Custom Up Movie Necklace with a Hot Air Balloon Pendant

This hot air balloon pendant necklace is inspired by the movie called UP, in which a 78-year-old man named Carl sets out to fulfill his life-long dream to see the wilds of South America. So, this custom necklace is dedicated to all people that are full of adventure and passion in life. Are you ready to get styled up?

Supplies needed for the up movie themed jewelry:

24mm Round Acrylic Bead
12mm Lampwork European Bead
Side Cutting Pliers
2ps. Wire Cutter Pliers
6mm Round Acrylic Bead (not shown)
Headpin (not shown)

Supplies needed for the up movie themed jewelry

Instructions on making the custom necklace:

Step 1: make the balloon with chain and 24mm bead

1st, break the chain into 25~30 pieces of 5~6-link segments;

 break the chain into 6-link pieces
2nd, open a medium-sized jumpring and string 6 pieces of chain segments. Close the jumpring then;

string 6 pieces with a medium-sized jumpring
3rd, open a small-sized jumpring, add 2 pieces of chain segments to each of the existed 6 chains;

add two other chain pieces on the existed 6 chains
4th, connect the newly added 12 chain segments two by two as picture shows;
5th, add one new chain segment onto each jumpring;

add more chains by using jumprings
6th, place the selected 24mm bead in the center of net. Take a headpin, string the 6mm bead, then pass through the 24mm bead and the first added jumpring. Make a simple loop at top. Now, the balloon part is finished.

place the 24mm bead in and then make a pendant

Step 2: Make the basket underneath with chain and metal European bead

1st, cut 4 pieces of 18-link chain segments;
2nd, pass the chain through the hole of metal European bead and string the first and last chain link by using another medium-sized jumpring. Repeat the same processes with rest three chain strands.

 Make the basket underneath

Step 3: Connect the balloon and basket

Open the last chain link on balloon and hook on the jumpring added in step 2 evenly.

Step 4: Add the pendant to a chain

Measure a long piece of chain around your neck. Then, open the loop on top of balloon and attach onto the center of chain.

Add the pendant to a chain


finished custom up movie necklace

Today’s movie themed jewelry is finished. The flying house, not only brings us a lot of joy, but also reveals a truth: adventure is out there! Furthermore, in the next day, I’ll show you another way making a custom necklace inspired by the same movie. Just stay tuned!

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