New Benifits for Contributors- Extra Coupons Giveaways by Submitting Articles

Summary: Good to news to you, both regular contributors and new contributors will get more coupons by submitting jewelry making articles to Learning Center!

New Benifits for Contributors- Extra Coupons Giveaways by Submitting Articles

It's a new year and Learning Center (LC) has another New Giveaway for both regular contributors and new contributors. You will win extra coupons by submitting articles to [email protected]. This activity will last for three months from Feb 15, 2014 to May 15, 2014.

New benefits:

If you send the article to LC and your articles are adopted by us, you would get a reward up to $20 coupons per article. Besides, you will get extra coupons.

For regular contributors, who submit over 4 articles (include 4) per month, will be rewarded extra $10 coupons if the articles are adopted by Learning Center, extra $15 coupons for 6 articles,extra $20 coupons for 8 articles. More articles, more coupons.

For new contributors, who submit an article for the first time will be rewarded extra $3 coupons if the article is adopted by Learning Center. New contributors continue to submit articles in the next two months or submit 5 articles in total will enjoy the regular contributors' privilege.

Read the following requirements carefully which will help gain high coupon:

1. The craft work should be made by you personally.
2. The article you submit is to be edited by us; therefore we require Microsoft Word doc and HD photos.
3. We require clear pictures including material picture, step-by-step pictures, finished work picture; the size of pictures should be 600*400.
4. Besides clear pictures we need good writing skill, a good beginning paragraph will arouse readers' interests, detailed words descriptions to tell how you do it step by step, one pic with a description would be appreciated.
5. The material you list should be given the item code from our website Pandahall.

Instructions for the coupon usage:

1.Coupons only used when shopping in Pandahall.
2.Period of validity: scores will never expire, once you convert scores to coupons, you must use it in two month or it will expire. So it is suggested to convert scores to coupons, when you check out.
3.Condition of coupon usage: order amount is larger or equal to 3 times of the coupon.

Pay Attention:

What we need most is your DIY, so the photos you use should be photographed by yourself, rather than copied from other places. At last, please send articles in doc and photo in folder. Send email to [email protected]; any question about reward and article is always welcome! When email us, please indicate "contribution for coupon reward" in subject line!

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