Beaded Easter carrot gifts- how to make radish earrings

Summary: This tutorial is to tutor you an easy-to-learn way as regard how to make radish earrings which will become one of the best Easter carrot gifts for receivers.

After valentines day, new year’s Easter is coming soon; besides kids and youths, all adults will also enjoy the precious festival time; but before that, every one of us need to prepare, for example, Easter carrot gifts for party invitation and any unexpected occasion. This how to make radish earrings project will help a lot when we are doing our preparations.


The materials and tools:

Green bicone beads

Orange wood beads

Yellow seed bead

Nylon wire

Earring hooks

Jump ring

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

The full instructions:
Step 1: prepare carrot leaves
1st, snip 6cm nylon wire, make one end through 2 green bicone and cross both ends through another one;
2nd, tighten wire and make one end go through the rest beads again; make a knot with the other end;
3rd, tuck both ends in adjourning beads and cut off excess wire.
Step 2: make carrot body
1st, snip 8cm nylon wire and crimp one crimp bead at one end with plier;
2nd, from the other end, thread on yellow bicone, wood bead and leaf in order;
3rd, add another crimp bead, back through it and push them snugly together with a loop formed;
4th, crimp down it and cut off excess wire.
Step 3: finish the Easter carrot earrings
Leave 1cm length of wire as carrot fiber and cut off the excess; hook wire loop to earring hooks.
Wow, the cute Easter carrot pair is done and our tutorial of how to make radish earrings has completed its target. I bet these tiny knick knacks will amaze your kids and friends, which is why I suggest this tutorial to you.

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