Free beaded jewelry patterns-make your own radish earrings out of Basic Brick Stitch

Summary: In the following free beaded jewelry patterns, you will learn to decrease and increase with Basic Brick Stitch for making a versatile triangle or other related shaped. Here, I try this as a cute Easter radish earrings component. Check it now.

Step2: decreasing with the basic brick stitch

Skip over the first procedure for the firstly added bead in each row. Stop when there remains only 5 pieces of seed beads. In the end, weave the wire among beaded rows for exiting the tip at the beginning seed bead.

Step3: bead two leaves for radish earrings

1. Cut another 30cm long wire strand and tie up to 2nd or 3rd exposed wire segment;

2. Next, make two small pieces on bases of same free beaded jewelry patterns.

<span "="">3. Weave the remaining wire through beads on edge to make them gathered together at the starting Seed Bead as same;

Step4: add on hook for your radish earrings

1. Slide on one crimp bead to fix all tips below the radish earring. Trim off all excess part.

2. Attach on the earring hook with a Jumpring.

Thus far, congratulations, you have done your cute Easter radish earrings now! Just repeat all the above processes for a complete pair of such holiday jewelry! Via practicing the free beaded jewelry patterns for several times, you will have master the famous Brick Stitch sooner or later!

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