How to make Chain Mail jewelry

Summary: This article aims at displaying you a very fast-to-learn tutorial about how to make Chain Mail jewelry. Remember it is not that difficult as you expect, only if you undertake to do.

You must have seen the Chain Mail products and known that it is also used as a fashion selling point in costume and jewelry making. Byzantine bracelet, you know, attracts many jewelry fans. No matter what gemstone or crystal beads are hung on, it is a kind of Chain Mail jewelry.

 Although we can admit that Chain Mail jewelry is a goal that we can reach, yet the task need you a lot of meticulous handling and patience. Therefore, the problem is the attitude you should take during this project, and how many efforts you can devote to you hand work. Today, we present the Chain Mail bracelet for you.

 Things you need are: flat nose plier, wire cutter, .020"or 104" wires in colors of your choice, toggles, and optional charms.

 Then how to make chainmail jewelry?

 Step 1: prepare the rings

First, pull out the different colored wires from coil and wrap them closely around the metal rods without much space between wire circles. Then you get the spiral wire circles in various colors.

Second, use wire cutter to cut out the circles and various rings are prepared.

Another option is that you can buy the wire rings in ring stores where all sizes of rings are available; then you can choose the preferred ones.

Step 2; weave the Chain Mail

First, grid pliers respectively in left and right hands; use pliers to open one ring, and slide another two in. then close the ring.

Second, repeat make the “one plus two” rings unit, until you think the quantity is enough.

Third, link the first “another two” with second “one ring”, and still repeat the linking process, until the Chain Mail is formed.

Step 3: finish the Chain Mail jewelry

Install the toggles at ends with wire rings.

Optional choice: if you like, you can add such charms as pearls, crystal beads or a wire wrapped pendant around the finish Chain Mail. In this way, your jewelry may reflect more female charms.

Here the project about how to make chainmail jewelry is over, and your piece of chainmail jewelry making is done. Hope you can enjoy this tutorial, and make more amazing products.

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