An Easy Way on Making Silver butterfly charm Earrings for Beginners

Summary: To make earrings for beginners, first select a stack of favorite charms and beads. Then, decide the type of earrings you want and find the appropriate findings.

An Easy Way on Making Silver butterfly charm Earrings for Beginners

If you are new to jewelry making, easy to make earrings might be the best place to start. Today, I unit several silver butterfly charms and sparkling cat eye beads in a pair earrings for the feeling of spring. Meanwhile, you may start to understand the wrapped loop technique in exactly easy way!

Supplies needed in the butterfly charms earrings:

Drop Cat Eye Beads
4mm Round Cat Eye Beads
Silver butterfly charms
Earring Hooks
Silver Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers

Supplies needed in the butterfly charms earrings

How to start making earrings for beginners?

Step 1: Make the cat eye bead dangles. String the two drop cat eye beads onto two 5cm long headpins. Make a wrapped loop over each bead against the middle of round nose pliers.

Make the drop cat eye bead dangles
Then, string the six 4mm round cat eye beads onto six 3cm long headpins. Make wrapped loops over beads in the same way.

Make the round cat eye bead dangles

Step 2: Open a jumpring. Slide the following elements in sequence: chain, one drop cat eye bead dangle, one silver butterfly charm and one earring hook. Close the jumpring.

string the chain, drop dangle, butterfly charm and earrings with a jumpring

Step 3: Decide the length of chain and remove the excess part.

remove the excess chain

Step 4: Attach three 4mm cat eye bead dangles to last chain link by using another jumpring.

Attach three 4mm cat eye bead dangles

Step 5: Complete the pair of beginner’s earrings by repeating all the processes above. Done!

finished earrings for beginners

All the jewelry making projects listed under the Easy Craft catalogue are customized for beginners. Via practicing these easy to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces over and over again, you can handle most basic beading and wire wrapping techniques that pave the way for your future craft career.

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