How to Macrame a Bracelet with Basic Alternating Half Hitch Knot

Summary: Learn how to macrame your own alternating half hitch bracelets with two lengths of common nylon thread or paracord. Super easy yet fancy pattern!

How to Macrame a Bracelet with Basic Alternating Half Hitch Knot

A half hitch is one of the basic knots while making macrame bracelet. Here, I will show you an easy sennit bracelet to make with alternating half hitch knots. And if you are an outdoors person, this knot can be a useful and functional technique for making a survivor bracelet.

Supplies needed to macrame the bracelet:

2mm Nylon Thread

Supplies needed to macrame the bracelet

How to macrame a bracelet with alternating half hitch?

Step 1: Cut one length of white and blue nylon thread, about 100cm for each color.

Step 2: Fold the two cords into 20cm and 80cm parts. Fasten the blue cord against the white one by using a Lark’s Head Knot. Tighten the knot as firm as possible.

combine the two lengths of thread

Step 3: Pick the two 20cm long ends as holding. Then, start to tie the half hitch knot by using two long working end alternately.

start to tie the alternating half hitch
Stop when the bracelet reaches a comfortable length.

Stop when the bracelet reaches a comfortable length

Step 4: Hold the four cord ends with an overhand knot. Trim off the excess and then seal with lighter.

complete the bracelet with an overhand knot


How to Macrame a Bracelet

There are various half hitch patterns available while one learn to macrame a bracelet. And in today’s project I’ve shown the pattern uses two holding ends. Similarly, for a vintage pattern, just try the alternating half hitch without a holding end.

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Mar 03, 2016 at 04:14 AM Laura Lee-Hillier

Hi there, Is this for a bracelet that would fit around a wrist. I'm wanting to do this bracelet but as an anklet. How much more cord would you need to make it an anklet? Thank you :)

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Mar 18, 2020 at 06:22 PM sophia lewis

I hate this website i am sorry for that but idk what type of knot to make to make this bracelet it is a forward knot or a hitch knot idk please whoever made this website or bracelet tell me because i want to make this bracelet so bad