Cool Ways to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet with Chain and String in 10 Minutes

Summary: With some string, chain and basic square knot tying technique, you can make a cool and easy friendship bracelet for both girlfriends and boyfriends.

Cool Ways to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet with Chain and String in 10 Minutes

Friendship bracelets are always a typical gift to given as a token of friendship. Here, I will give an easy way to make cool and funky friendship bracelet out of chain and string. Besides, the most ingenious part in this bracelet is how I utilize the spacer bead as a terminator. Here we go.

Supplies needed in the easy friendship bracelet:

1mm Nylon Thread
4mm Spacer Bead

Supplies needed in the easy friendship bracelet

How to start the easy friendship bracelet?

Step 1: cut two lengths of nylon thread, about 40cm and 100cm long.

Step 2: Slide two 4mm spacer beads to the center of 40cm long piece. Fasten the two spacer beads on a flat by using a ball head pin. Then, lay the 100cm long thread over the shorter one. Pull to make two ends be equal and start to make square knots with two ends of longer thread. Stop when the length reaches 1/3 (here is 5.5cm) of your wrist circumference.

string two spacer beads and start to tie square knot
Take another two length of threads and two spacer beads, then repeat the above steps for another braid.

repeat the above steps for another braid

Step 3: Remove the pins.

Remove the pins
Break the chain into 5cm long segments. Hold two ends of chains with two jumprings. Then, hook the thread between two spacer beads with jumpring. Close the jumpring with pliers or fingers.

attach the chain segments

Step 4: Trim off the excess working ends. Melt and seal with lighter.

Trim off the excess working ends

Step 5: Overlap the holding ends, and make a closure by tying another 4~6 square knot with a short length of nylon thread. Finally, remove the excess cord and seal the cuts by using lighter.

make closure with another string

Step 6: Keep 4cm at each cord end. String one spacer bead and secure with an overhand knot.

String one spacer bead on each cord end


finished easy friendship bracelet pattern

Friendship bracelets are great fun to make, and even amusing when uniting all sorts of elements like string, ribbon, chain and beads. If you’re just searching for more pictured step-by-step instructions on making easy friendship bracelet, welcome to our!

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