Step-by-step Tutorial on Making Nice Chinese Button Knots Earrings

Summary: To make these nice earrings I made 10 Chinese button knots firstly, which are easy to understand with the help of pictured instructions! Only 20 minutes are required for a complete pair!

Step-by-step Tutorial on Making Nice Chinese Button Knots Earrings

By collecting some nylon thread and learning the Chinese button knot tying technique, you can really spruce your outfit up in an easy and economical way. Not convinced yet? Here, taken these DIY knot earrings as an example, I'm gonna just show you how to make nice earrings within 20 minutes!

Supplies needed for making the nice knot earring:

2mm Colorful Nylon Thread
Blank Hoop Earrings
Spacer Bead

Supplies needed for making the nice knot earring

How to start the nice earrings out of thread?

Step 1: Tie the Chinese button knots

1st, cut two lengths of nylon thread and pin the ends on a flat. Tie a button knot (click here and it will be redirecting to the detail page of how to tie a button knot);
2nd, tighten the knot and then trim off the excess threads;
3rd, melt and seal the ends by using lighter;

Tie the Chinese button knots
4th, make an extra 9 Chinese button knot. Tie the knots as much as you can with same thread to make full use of it. Cut the knots out and seal with lighter.

make the other 9 button knots

Step 2: Slide the button knot beads onto hoop earring

1st, loosen one thread segment on knot with fingers;
2nd, slide it onto the hoop earring;
3rd, add one bronze spacer bead;
4th, repeat adding the rest 4 button knots and 3 spacer beads alternately on hoop earring;

slide the button knots and spacer beads on hoop earring
5th, close the hoop earring;
6th, repeat the 2nd step to make a complete pair of Chinese button knot earrings.

complete the entire pair of nice DIY knot earrings


finished Chinese button knot earrings
Just can't wait to wear and show off in front of my friends : )

wear these pretty earrings for women on

Once you finished your first button knot, you'll be halfway to the entire Chinese knot earrings project. By the way, for making another nice earring, try tying the Monkey Fist Knot and that may make another amazingly pretty earring for women!

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