Making Cool Leather Bracelet of Boho Style with Chain and Wood Beads

Summary: Here, you’ll learn to make a cool leather and chain bracelet in popular bohemian style. Besides, it can be easily turned into a personalized leather bracelet with names on.

Making Cool Leather Bracelet of Boho Style with Chain and Wood Beads

Bohemian jewelry is all the rage in Hollywood. By using strips of fabric, lace, ribbon, chains, strings and beads you can make all sorts of bohemian style bracelets. Thus, I put today's theme on making a cool leather bracelets with bronze chains and wood beads, for a variant boho style.

Supplies needed for making the cool leather bracelets:

Oval Wood Beads
Round Wood Beads
Tibetan Bead (or a metal element with one's name)
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.8mm Brass Wire
Leather Cord
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

Supplies needed for making the cool leather bracelets

How to get started on making the cool boho-style leather bracelets?

Step 1: Prepare the 4 necessary strands

1st, string the Tibetan bead on an eyepin and loop the other end of pin for a beaded link. Then, cut a length of chain and break it at center. Finally, connect with the Tibetan bead link;

combine the Tibetan bead with the first chain
2nd, cut a chain link in same length;
3rd, take another tiny chain link and string the selected wood beads;
4th, cut a length of leather cord in same length and then make two cord ends with 0.8mm brass wire;

make two cord ends for leather cord with wire
5th, place the components on a flat.

finish elements preparation

Step 2: Add the clasp

1st, open one of the jumprings on clasp and string the 4 necessary strands in order. Close the jumpring;
2nd, on the other end, repeat the same process with the other jumpring.

attach the clasp


finished cool leather bracelet with boho style

Similarly, replace the beads with some blue and original colored wood beads that you will make extra cool leather bracelets fit for male friends soon. And if you have any suggestions to make this leather and chain bracelet more awesome, please tell!

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