Make Vintage Dangle Earrings with Multi-Colored Shell Buttons

Summary: Make a pair of easy earrings as Valentine Day gift for her! Here shows you detailed instructions about how to make beautiful dangle earrings with colorful shell buttons!

Make Vintage Dangle Earrings with Multi-Colored Shell Buttons

While most of the time I devote myself into the inspiration projects that requires a lot of design and focus, I also really love and enjoy the gratification of these super-easy and –quick crafts. Today, the shared craft is handmade vintage style dangle button earrings for oncoming Valentine’s Day!

Necessities for vintage dangle button earrings:

Multi-colored shell button beads
Bronze jump rings
Bronze earring hooks
Bronze Tibetan style finding
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier

How to make vintage dangle earrings with multi-colored buttons:

Step 1: Be sure of the order of the shell buttons and arrange them according to your design.

Step 2: Use jump ring to combine the buttons onto Tibetan finding one by one.

Step 3: Attach earring hook onto finding.

The finished dangle button earrings look like this:

Now these vintage button earrings are successfully done! It only takes you a few minutes to create the button earrings; you may rest assured that your girlfriend will love it very much.

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