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How to Make Colored Beaded Hoop Earrings for Women

Summary: This tutorial of handmade dangling hoop earrings suits those green hands. Start your craft DIY journey by making hoop earrings here. It is quite easy to follow!

How to Make Colored Beaded Hoop Earrings for Women

This colored hoop earrings is fashionable, which will definitely add charm to your dress. And the materials and handmade steps are simple. Do not sit at home idly, or waste your part time by watching those soap operas! Join us to make a pair of beaded hoop earrings!

Material for making hoop earrings:

Purple glass beads rubber coated 8 mm
Hotpink glass beads rubber coated 8 mm
Skyblue glass beads rubber coated 8 mm
Spacers acrylic silver 9 mm
2 x charms heart acrylic
4 x Splitringen silver
2 x Earring hooks silver
2 hoops memorywire approx 5,5 cm

material for making hoop earrings

Tools for making hoop earrings:

Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier

tools for making hoop earrings

How to make beaded hoop earrings ?

Step1: Make two earring hoops

1st, cut 2 seperate hoops from the memory wire;
2nd, turn an eye, round at the end of the hoop so that your beads will not fall of.

make two earring hoops

Step2:Slide beads and charms onto hoop

1st, put a spacer onto the hoop first, then a hot pink glass bead, then a blue one and a purple one;
2nd, keep sliding glass beads and spacers on one end until you reach the middle of the hoop.

slide beads onto the hoop

Step 3: Add charm and slide beads to finish

1st, put a split ring on to the charm and use round nose plier to open it easily;
2nd, put the charm in the middle of the hoop and continue with beads and spacers until hoop is full. Leave 1,5 cm of metal “open” so you can make another eye, round at the end of the hoop;
3rd, open a split ring and put the two eyes and earring hook on to it and one earring is finished.

sdd charm and slide beads to finish

Repeat step 1 to 3 to make the other earring. Finished!

finished  colored hoop earrings

Enjoy wearing the colored hoop earrings made by yourself! If you think glass beads are too heavy, you can also make the dangling hoop earrings with acrylic or wooden beads. So easy !

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