How to Make a Garden of Roses Wire Bracelet

Summary: In this tuttorial, you will learn how to make a rose cuff bracelet with wires, the main work is to weave the wires and add the aluminium roses.

How to Make a Garden of Roses Wire Bracelet

Making wire bracelets occupies the great magic of a hidden garden of roses - a petite, elegant and feminin jewelry for every age. You are just a few simple steps away from the precoius secrets of this delightful rose cuff bracelet.

Materials for making a rose wire bracelet:

1pc. approx. 70cm aluminium wire, golden color
1pc. approx. 1,5m brass wire, golden color
Some different colored aluminium roses, different sizes
Some seed beads, golden color

materials for making a rose wire bracelet


Side cutting plier
Round nose plier

tools for making rose cuff bracelets

How to make a garden of roses wire bracelet?

Step1: Take the aluminium wire and create a medium sized spiral on one end by using the round nose plier.

making sprial with wire

Step2: Now form different loops by gently bending the wire with your fingers.

bending ther wire

Step3: Take an aluminium flower and a seed bead, string them on the thin brass wire, and pull the wire back through the hole in the back of the flower.

string a flower and a seed bead

Step4: Now wind one end of the brass wire around the aluminium wire, place the flower as you wish and wind the other end of the thin brass wire around the next loop to fix it.

wrap the rose to the cuff with wire
Go ahead to place as many flowers as you desire.

rose wire cuff bracelet is finished

Well done! The rose cuff bracelet is finished,wear it casual, elegant or romantic – it’s just perfect for very many outfits. Feel the power of the beautiful roses and enjoy their bright colors.

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