Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend- Sincere Compliment Concealed in Crystal Bracelet

Summary: Don’t intend to waste the precious chance to compliment your girlfriend and want to make a valentines day gift for her? Okay, this tutorial regarding valentines day gifts for girlfriend can just meet your requirement!

Even follow the “valentines day gifts for girlfriend” tutorial, you probably go through several failures, and then would successfully make out this delicate and elegant Krystal bracelet which is most suitable for her in your mind. If you are familiar with craft things, it is just a simple work to do. Whatever, you need to devote your heart and soul to prepare the valentines day gift for her.

The materials and tools:

4mm glass bicone beads (colorful)

3mm yellow glass seed beads

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Iron bead tips

Box clasp

Jump rings

Wire cutter

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Full instructions:

Step 1: prepare one end of bracelet

First, snip 2 strands of wire measuring 40 cm each, thread them through a bead tip and secure with crimp bead;

Second, align the 4 strands into 2 groups and thread a yellow seed bead to each;

Step 2: weave the krystal bracelet

First, slide onto wire strands 1 and 2 beads in turn from left to right and cross both through 1 seed bead ;(pic 1-3);

Second, slide onto outmost wire 1 and 2 beads from left to right &cross through a seed bead; similarly handle the innermost wire; always make bead tip face yourself, then the directions can be decided; (pic 4-5)

Third, continue beading; pick one strand, observe the latest number of bicone beads between 2 seed beads, you can know the number will be added to the strand next step; (pic 6-8)

Step 3: prepare the other end of bracelet

First, replace the last “crossing though” with “threading through” which echoes the step 1;

Second, add another bead tip to this end and crimp it down;

Third, cut off excess wire and attach clasp on.

Now, our tutorial “valentines day gifts for girlfriend” ends here, and have you mastered the crucial skill about this Krystal bracelet? On this valentines day, she will understand you are always complimenting her, love her and cherish her at the moment when presented the gift. Tell her in future days, you will live everyday as valentines day and prepare valentines day gift for her in your own way.

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