Tutorial on Wire Wrapping Valentine’s Pink Bangle Bracelet

Summary: This Valentine’s Day gift tutorial will show you how to make pink wire wrapped bangle bracelet within simple 2 steps.

Tutorial on Wire Wrapping Valentine’s Pink Bangle Bracelet

Valentine’s day will arive on February. It is little too early to prepare your valentine’s day gift now, but approriate moment to consider what to send is just now. Then you will get sufficient time to plan and implement. I have an gift-giving idea, that is, DIY bangle bracelet. The following I will show the details of wire wrapped bangle bracelet tutorial.

Necessities for diy pink bangle bracelet:

8mm white painted glass bead
1.5mm pink aluminum wire
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

Wire wrapped bangle bracelet tutorial starts from here:

Step 1: Make the center part of bangle

1st, cut a 45cm length of pink wire and fold it in half;
2nd, wrap it around a cylinder and form it into a 6cm-diameter circle
3rd, slide white bead onto one strand of wires;
4th, curl the center of other strand to fit the bead;
5th, cut a 15cm length of wire and coil one end at the right side of the bead;
6th, curl the wire to fit the bead’s shape;
7th, coil the other end at the left side of the bead;
8th, trim off excess pink wires and tuck the sharp ends with plier.

Step 2: Wire wrap the clasp of bangle

1st, bend the end of one strand outwardly;
2nd, make a simple loop with round nose;
3rd, cut a 15cm length of pink wire and coil it beside the loop;
4th, cut off excess wire;
5th, bend the end of the other strand outwardly;
6th, cut off excess length and tuck the sharp end with plier;
7th, make an s-shaped hook at the closed end of the bangle;
8th, cut a 15cm length of pink wire and coil it beside the hook;
9th, cut off excess wires and tuck the sharp ends.

The final pink bangle bracelet looks like:

Tada! I have finished the wire wrapped bangle bracelet. If you reckon that DIY bangle bracelet is a good idea for Valentine’s gift-giving. I recommend you to mark this tutorial for later reference.

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Jan 13, 2014 at 07:05 AM patricia deschenes

I wanted to do this with my daycare group Gr.3 & 4's but coiling it I think would be difficult for them. Is there an easier way of doing it for them?