Valentine’s Day gifts for men: teach you how to make bracelet out of string for him

Summary: Here is a tutorial related to the coming-up Valentine’s Day; shown below is the full instructions about how to make bracelet out of string, which will help you figure out what are the proper valentine’s day gifts for men.

Chocolate, men’s perfume and cufflink are three top Valentine’s Day gift for men; but if your financial status make you unable to purchase the big-branded sophisticated products, why not choose to hand make a piece of craft jewelry for him; this tutorial is going to tutor you one: how to make bracelet out of string.

Materials and tools:

1mm nylon thread in navy and lime colors

2mm nylon thread in gradient colors

Alloy bead



All steps for this gift:

Step 1: connect navy thread with lime one

Snip gradient colored thread twice longer than the wrist circumference;

Snip braiding threads each color measuring about 50 cm long; and then knot the two threads together.


Step 2: make lark’s head knots along both sides

Make folded gradient colored thread as axis, place connected threads in center meanwhile leave 2cm loop at top with a clamp;

Do lark’s head knot at left and right; and then cross two threads, always making left thread under right one.

Step 3: finish the bracelet with a brief closure

After the last lark’s head knot, make right thread under axis and wrap left one downwardly several times;

Drag right thread down and wrap it upwardly to meet the left one;

Add an alloy bead, make firm knots to hold the bead and cut off the excess threads.

All right! The “how to make bracelet out of string” end up and I drive a conclusion here: Valentine’s Day gifts for men should be brief in patterns and emphatic in colors; in this way, the gifts could to a great extent demonstrate the men’s characteristics and temperaments.

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