Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Gorgeous Green Ribbon Flower with Button

Summary: Girls always prefer flowers, right? How about DIY silk ribbon flowers for hair ornament? Follow me and learn how to make silk ribbon flowers within 15 minutes now!

Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Gorgeous Green Ribbon Flower with Button

If you are interested in silk ribbon flowers, then never miss this tutorial! Materials are easy to get: gorgeous green ribbons and one recycled button from your old cloth. As for the ribbon flower making process, it’s quite simple. Now keep reading for the instructions step by step !

Materials and tools for making ribbon flowers

green ribbon
flower button
green thread

materials and tools for making ribbon flowers

How to make silk ribbon flowers for girls?

Step 1: Draw wavy line and stitch on ribbon

1st, cut out a long enough strip of green ribbon;
2nd, draw wavy lines evenly between the two sides of the green ribbon by pen, as showed below;
3rd, running stitch along the wavy lines, do not cut the excesses after stitching;
4th, turn around the green ribbon to let the pen traces on the back.

draw wavy line

Step 2: Pull thread to make ribbon petals

1st, pull the thread at one end tightly until the other end of the ribbon has also been tightened;
2nd, adjust the whole tightened ribbon to make five petals and shape the silk ribbon flower;
3rd, string in the middle at back to tie a knot for tighten the silk ribbon flower;
4th, cut off the excessed threads.

make ribbon petals

Step3:Finally embellish the silk ribbon flower by sewing a button in the middle. Tada!

sewing a button

Here you finish the ribbon flower making by only 3 steps! If you need a hair tie, then glue an elastic hair tie at back with a small strip of ribbon covered. If you want a clip, then glue a hair barrette at back! Or you can also add this silk ribbon flower onto a bare headband, it depends on you!

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