Easy Craft on Making Ice Cream Earrings with Colorful Beads

Summary: Today’s tutorial shows you illustrated instructions on making earrings with beads. This pair of ice cream earrings is perfect jewelery for those who love ice cream and mini food charms!

Easy Craft on Making Ice Cream Earrings with Colorful Beads

Are you attracted by the lovely ice cream earrings at the first sight of them? Create yourself an everlasting mini ice cream cone earrings with different colored scoops and cones! With only 3 simple steps, you can finish it. Go ahead now!

Materials needed in making ice cream earrings

1) 2pcs. tibetan style bead caps, red copper color
2) 2pcs. oval jumprings, red copper color
3) 2pcs. alloy fancy pins, red copper color
4) 10pcs. glass pearl beads, 2 yellow, 2 pink, 2 purple, 2 turqouise, 2 dark purple
5) 2pcs.lever back hoops, red copper color

materials needed in making ice cream earrings

Tools needed for making earrings with beads

1) Flat nose plier
2) Round nose plier
3) Side cutting plier
4) Glue gun
5) 1 pc. plastic stick for glue gun

tools needed for ice cream earrings

How to make ice cream cone earrings ?

Step 1: Make an ice cream cone

1st, take the bead caps and put one pin through each;
2nd, prepare the glue gun and fill up the bead cap with glue;
3rd, place the first four beads onto the glue all around the pin; 4th, now string the fifth bead on to the pin.

 ice cream cone base

Step 2: Cut the pin to make an eye

1st, cut the pin about one centimeter above the bead;
2nd, form an eye with the round nose plier.

form an eye

Step3: Add jumprings onto the cones

1st, open up the jumprings;
2nd, put a lever back hoop on each;
3rd, add them to your ice cream cones.

add jumprings

Well done! Your lovely ice cream earrings are finished and ready to sweeten your ears with their glossy appearance. You can also send them to your friends as gift if you have no idea about christmas gift sending!

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