Glass Beads, the Never Outmoded Choice for Dressing-up

Summary: Glass beads enjoys great popularity in jewelry making industry for its relatively not that expensive price and various style, this article is about to deal with some of its history as well as nowadays states.

Glass beads had been in the popular group since the ancient time, it was said that the first glass bead was discovered were of Sumatran origins. Other earlier found glass beads more or less were imbued with beauty, protection or valor. 


Well, glass beads in China have been existed since the Weatern Zhou Dynasty, which gained its massive popularity in the Warring States period. Development of the beads is indispensable with the constant improvement of technology, equipment and the clear texture of glass. Plus the fact that not everyone can afford to wear jade or some other precious stone which cannot meet the needs, the massive and exquisite products of glass beads is promoted!

Nowadays, as one of the most common accessory among the jewelry group, glass beads is widely applied to clothing, evening dress, shoes, hats, handbags, fur, wool textile, embroidery, lamp ornaments, handicrafts and so on. Those flamboyant and sparking appearances can always bring us the dreamy luster as we want!

As a lager category among the beads, glass beads on our Pandahall website contains Normal Glass, Cat Eye Beads, Crackle Glass, Czech Glass Beas, Drawbench Glass beads, Electroplate Glass, Frosted Glass Beads, Glass Pearl, Glass Rhinestone Beads, Imitation Jade Glass, Painted Glass Beads, Piezo Glass Beads, Specialty Glass etc.. Colors and shapes of glass beads can be the most affluent in some degree. Here is some example of the glass beads:


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Do you think the picture I listed about is not that flamboyant or vivid? Here comes the collection of some more combinations:


The fruit-color earrings in the first picture was made sevaral days ago by one of our friends, and the sesond blue glass necklace in made by our colleague, how do you thinks of it? Come on, why not joining us to have a whole new journey by involing the glass beads! It can difinitely bring us much fun!

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