Creating a Rainbow Colored Right Angle Weave Bracelet Pattern

Summary: With right angle weave stitch I make a new pattern, that is, rainbow colored flowery beaded bracelet. Hope you like it!

Creating a Rainbow Colored Right Angle Weave Bracelet Pattern

The rainbow beaded pattern joins the “right angle weave bracelet” family, becoming a new member. I guess previous tutorials must have taught you the basic way about making right angle weave bracelet. Therefore, for most of you this one is not that difficult as expected.

Necessities for this rainbow beaded bracelet:

6mm abacus acrylic beads colorful
0.8mm crystal thread

Instructions on making the right angle weave bracelet pattern:

Step 1: Weave rainbow pattern

1st, cut a 1.5m length of crystal thread and string 5 red beads on;
2nd, cross thread ends through another red bead and tighten the thread;
3rd, the first right angle stitch is done, and then add orange beads to make the second;
4th, in this way weave rainbow colored pattern (from red to purple);
5th, do symmetrical rainbow pattern after purple stitch, that is , colors change from purple to red (I insert pink color before red);
6th, add 2 pink beads to each end, thread left end through the first red bead in bracelet and cross both ends through the last bead in right end;
7th, tighten thread and the first layer is done.

Step 2: repeat pattern to finish the bracelet

1st, thread lower end through its adjoining red bead;
2nd, add pink beads to upper end and do right angle stitch;
3rd, repeat the rainbow pattern;
4th, similarly finish the second layer and last layer;
5th, at last stitch tie a surgical knot with two ends;
6th, back both ends through the precious beads and cut off excess thread.

The final rainbow beaded bracelet pattern is like this:

Amazing! I have finished the rainbow beaded bracelet pattern with basic right angle weave technique. Now select your favorite beads, and create your one-of-a-kind pattern.

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Sep 14, 2016 at 11:42 PM Evelyne Puyou-Bracq

Super je vais essayer de le faire puisque je fais déjà des bracelets