Porcelain, the Timeless Chinese Elements

Summary: In the last 20s and 30s century, the first word you got to know about China from movies or news must be china, well, elements of Porcelain remains an unshakable place in the development of the Chinese art, fashion and jewelry industry.

After thousands years of heritage, the renowned ancient Chinese civilization had showed its glory for the whole world with its exquisite china products in the past, or the Porcelain-like item nowadays.

With years’ development, Porcelain products became home decoration to highlight the elegance of the owner’s high taste as well as jewelry pieces to dot the beauties; without question, it stirs much inspiration to combine the fashion modern age with the ever-lasting classic elements to gain itself an indispensable place in the fashion industry now. Perhaps the famous blue and white cheongsam, china and Porcelain beads have all became the pleasing shot in movies, posts, travel brochure etc., you must be impressed by the typical oriental beauty! 


beside the above pictures of the porcelain pendant, you can see many others in our webpage:


Then, then how about preparing your loved ones a porcelain wearable item with the Chinese classical color-match of blue and white which helps wearer experience the tranquil from inner world? If you love the combination, love the Chinese elements, go without hesitation to make one, well, first of all, let Pandahall have an introduction on this sub-Porcelain product – Porcelain! 


Porcelain can be divided into reflective one and grinding one according to their faction, it can be categorized as art porcelain beads, jewelry Porcelain beads and functional beads according to the serving purpose and making crafts.

1. Art Porcelain, which is exclusive for art crafts, the firing temperature is relatively higher than the jewelry porcelain while lower than the functional one; it can be used to refer to many art works such as connecting body, Porcelain machinery, and Porcelain polishing beads.

2. Jewelry Porcelain, in other words, it is porcelain frankly! Generated from the Jingdezhen, its main usage is to be applied to carious DIY projects and porcelain jewelry such as porcelain bracelets, sweater chain, earrings and so on, which can be distinguished obviously from Acrylic bead, glass beads, and wooden beads and so on. Porcelain is future to have the characteristics to against acid, alkali and corrosion; it is imbued with high hardness as well in that it was made with the traditional porcelain crafts of Jingdezhen with high temperature.

3. Functional Porcelain, which serves for high-tech purpose to be used in the titanium steel industry, the main materials of the beads is oxidized zirconium and titanium etc...

Well, our purpose is to introduce the jewelry Porcelain next - the porcelain subdivided from the clay group! There are about 7206 items named porcelain beads in our website, which can be divided into porcelain, Porcelain + Resin, Porcelain + Acrylic, with styles as Fancy Antique Glazed Porcelain, Bright Glazed Porcelain, Famille Rose Porcelain, Blue and White Porcelain, Pearlized, Ornamental with Gold, China Clay Beads, Crackle Beads, Rubberized, in various shapes, while about 13 new arrivals have been launched in the category and b

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