How to Make Easy Pearl Drop Earrings with Rhinestone Bead

Summary: In this tutorial, you will learn to make a pair of simple but elegant pearl drop earrings. Merely several pearl beads and 2 rhinestone beads required!

How to Make Easy Pearl Drop Earrings with Rhinestone Bead

This pair of adorable dangling pearl earrings comes in hot pink and is a must-have for all those are fond of pearls. Additionally, I also accent an aquamarine rhinestone bead in the center to make the whole pearl drop earrings be more glamorous. Here we go!

Supplies needed in making the pearl drop earrings:

8mm Hot Pink Acrylic Pearl Beads
6mm Brown Acrylic Pearl Beads
4mm Pink Acrylic Pearl Beads
4mm Aquamarine Rhinestone Bead
Earring Hooks
0.35mm Nylon Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Supplies needed in making the pearl drop earrings

How to make the pearl drop earrings?

Step 1: Cut a short piece of nylon wire, about 10~15cm long. Slide one 4mm pearl bead to the center, then gather two wire ends together and string two 8mm pink pearl, one rhinestone bead and one 4mm pink pearl bead in order as picture show. Knot the wire ends firmly.

string the beads on nylon wire

Step 2: Take one headpin and string one 4mm and one 8mm pearl bead, then pass through the other hole on the rhinestone bead and string one 8mm pearl bead. Finally, make a wrapped loop over the bead.

string beads on headpin

Step 3: Take the eyepin, string two 4mm pink pearl beads and one 6mm brown pearl bead to make a link.

make the beaded connector with eyepin

Step 4: Assemble the pearl drop component, beaded link and earring hook!

assemble the three above components


finished crystal and pearl earrings

Now, you’ve had your own pearl and rhinestone creation! These sweet little pearl drop earrings are easy to make and are extra personalized because of its special mixture of two gorgeous elements.If a going-to-be bride love pink,this cand a great DIY pearl bridal jewellery for her!

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