Free Sewing Pattern - How to Make a Cute Stuffed Bunny

Summary: Here is a free sewing pattern for you to learn how to make a stuffed bunny. You can create a cute stuffed bunny which is exclusive to you and it only takes a little time.

Free Sewing Pattern - How to Make a Cute Stuffed Bunny

Placing such a cute stuffed bunny in room is so great. And I find something funny, no matter from which angle the bunny seems like looking at you. Making a stuffed bunny, for my part, is as fun as making a snowman. Oddly, it even kinda looks like a snowman if there are no bunny ears. It’s so interesting!

Materials and tools for making a cute stuffed bunny:

11mm Resin Buttons (Yellow & Pink)
6mm Wood Beads, Round, Black
4mm Spacer Beads, Round, Gold
15mm Satin Ribbon, Grid Pattern, Blue
Cotton Cloth (White & flower)
Sewing Thread

materials and tools for making a cute stuffed bunny

How to make a cute stuffed bunny?

Step 1: stuff the bunny

1st, cut out a piece of white cloth measuring 24*7cm. Fold it in half with wrong side out and sew both long sides with running stitch;
2nd, make running stitch between two long sides into a double-gourd shape;
3rd, turn the cloth inside out. This is the head and body of the bunny;
4th, stuff the cloth with the right amount of quilting.

stuff the bunny

Step 2: add embellishments and ears

1st, sew the opening;
2nd, cut out a small piece of white cloth and place it above the opening with one corner in the front. Fold the cloth at the backside and secure with thread;
3rd, tie a slipknot with a strip of ribbon around the neck of the bunny;
4th, make two bunny ears with flower cloth. The method is the same with the petal of a flower hair clip. Then sew the ears atop in place.

add embellishments and ears

Step 3: sew features of the bunny

1st, sew two buttons at the body part;
2nd, sew two wood beads as eyes and a spacer bead as mouth at the head part.

sew features of the bunny

Here it is!

finished cute stuffed bunny

How do you think of this stuffed bunny sewing pattern? Do you have impulse to make one right now? I hope so! It’s so cute that I want to share with all of you!

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