7 Tips on How to Wear Pearl Necklaces

Summary: Pearl jewelry is a classic piece that can be worn from the casual to the formal. What to wear with pearl necklace to get more compliments is a worthy question to explore. Please follow us on this post

7 Tips on How to Wear Pearl Necklaces

Wearing pearl necklace have been remaining a popular fashion trend since ancient times. Because their round shape and luster can make women in good looks, they are must-have jewelry for women’ to deal with many different occasions like formal parties, casual meetings and daily work. How to wear pearl necklace to make you look more fantastic?

7 Tips about wearing pearl necklace:

1, Be simple.

Pair single stranded or double stranded pearl necklace in single color clothes. For example, white pearl necklace with black outfit is perfect classic combination.

2, Match with strapless.

You can wear chunky pearl necklace with multi strands for strapless evening dress. It will make your rather gorgeous.

3, Choose big pearls in single strand.

If you want to have statement necklace, a single strand necklace with big pearls (9 mm to 20 mm) will be fine. But ensure your outfit is simple so that your necklace stands out glamorously.

4, Layer your pearls with other necklaces.

If you want to be looked haute and elegant, take a long single stranded pearl necklace and at the same time, wearing another necklace with a slightly shorter length. And remember that these necklaces have some element in common, like similar beads or colors.

5, Wear clothes and accessories with pearl elements.

It may pull your look together if you wear a pearl hair bow or shoes clip simultaneously.

6, Pair with casual clothes.

You can wear pearls with simple top and jeans. Necklace can be either long or short depending what shirt you’re wearing

7, Avoid matching pastels and matronly colors with pearls.

You will look much older than you want if wearing pearl necklace with pastels or solemn colors. And pearl’s color will be washed out if you wear neon or florescent clothes.

So you know what to wear with pearl necklace? Come on! Just wear a gorgeous pearl necklace to shine off your charm. And remember that proper regular pearl jewelry care should be one of the important things to do. You can take a look at this post about pearl jewelry care and clean

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