Introductions on the Meaning and Uses of Chrysocolla Gemstone

Summary: What is chrysocolla? And what is chrysocolla used for? In this post, we will explain to you on the meaning and uses of chrysocolla gemstone.

Introductions on the Meaning and Uses of Chrysocolla Gemstone

What is chrysocolla gemstone?

Chrysocolla Gemstone is one of the lesser known gemstones, but it’s a great mineral. It is sometimes confused with turquoise because of its unique blue-green color and its greasy vitreous luster. Chrysocolla gemstone is actually a kind of copper stone, often found in copper mine areas, particularly in England, Czech Republic, Israel, Chile, Mexico, Africa, and the United States. It became a favored stone for symbolizing prosperity, luck and spirit; it encourages compassion and helps us recover our natural spontaneity.

Chrysocolla physical healing properties

Chrysocola has calming effect to nervous mood, such as depression, anxiety and feeling of guilt. It is helpful for women who are in the period, by reducing menstrual pain. And this conductive impact also applies to increase the feelings of happy pregnancies by relieving first-time mothers’ anxieties. Besides, chrysocolla is also beneficial to blood pressure, blood disorders, and digestion. It can also strengthen our muscles and alleviates muscle cramps.

Chrysocolla emotional healing properties

As just mentioned, it has good effect in aiding anxiety and stress because of its soothing and calming inner energy. When you feel depressed or angry, it may help restore the balance to you by promoting the calm attitude and purifying the mind. And it makes it possible to forgive others and be more understanding and loving.

Chrysocolla jewelry

Because of its beautiful color and amazing healing properties, this fancy gemstone has indeed inspired creativity in many artists, painters and especially jewelry designer-artists.

For chrysocolla jewelry, we may not know that pure chrysocolla is soft and fragile, which is not good for making jewelry. However, chrysocolla is often "agatized" in chalcedony quartz so as to make it polished and durable. Agatized chysocolla with some small sparkling quartz crystals inside can create drusy chrysocolla. So a skilled craftsman can make beautiful and valuable jewelry, if he is able to polish a rough stone into a druzy chrysocolla. And this is why chrysocolla can have a turquoise color and be used as a fake substitute for the more precious gemstones.

Nowadays, jewelers and craftsman around the world have been making use of its the beauty to do chrysocolla jewelry all by hand.

The chrysocolla gemstone beads are available in with shapes of round, oval, rondelle, flat round, rectangle, etc. And the sizes differ from 1mm to 40mm+.

different shapes of chrysocolla gemstone beads

After learning this post, would you like to create your own chrysocolla jewelry? You can refer to chrysocolla beads, if you are interested.

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