DIY a Cute Cartoon Girl Hanging Decoration with Felt and Beads

Summary: Today come with me to DIY a cute girl felt hanging decoration! It may remind you of a cartoon girl - not a certain one. It just looks like a cartoon image.

DIY a Cute Cartoon Girl Hanging Decoration with Felt and Beads

If you like the funny frog hanging decoration, why not DIY this felt hanging decoration as well? The cute girl hanging decoration is so easy to make, you only need to cut felt and glue them together. And I find myself addicted to her smile and eyes so much!

Materials and tools for making a cute cartoon girl hanging decoration:

4mm Round Seed Beads, Black
0.8mm Nylon Thread, Yellow
Sewing Threads (Brown & Red)
Mobile Strap, with Lobster Claw Clasp, Black
Felt, Mixed Color
Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

materials and tools for making a cute cartoon girl hanging decoration

How to make a cute cartoon girl hanging decoration?

Step 1: cut felt

1st, cut out components needed for making the cute cartoon girl as the picture shows, including hair and bang from brown felt, a dress from red felt, two feet from green felt, two hands and face from white felt, five flower shapes from yellow and purple felt, and five small round pieces from red felt.

cut felt

Step 2: piece all components together

1st, glue the face on hair in place;
2nd, add bang above the face and secure with glue;
3rd, joint the dress with the face and glue it on the hair for securing. Glue two hands on the dress in place and two feet at the back;
4th, glue a red round piece on each flower shape, then attach two flowers to the bang, one to the neck and the remaining two to the feet.

piece all components together

Step 3: sew eyes and mouth

1st, sew two seed beads on the face as eyes and backward stitch the mouth with red thread.

sew eyes and mouth

Attach the mobile strap with a double nylon thread to the backside of the girl. This hanging decoration is done.

finished cute cartoon girl hanging decoration

During making this hanging decoration, the feeling is just like dressing up a girl. Her hair style, clothing matching, even necklace and hair accessories are all created by me one by one. Do you want to experience this feeling? Then DIY this cute girl hanging decoration!

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