A Pattern for Making a Funny Frog Hanging Decoration

Summary: How to make a cute hanging decoration? My felt frog hanging decoration pattern is here! This is a funny frog which is characterized by its comical expression.

A Pattern for Making a Funny Frog Hanging Decoration

Today let me introduce Mr. Funny Frog to you! It is a hanging decoration which is perfect for hanging on cellphones, bags, key rings and many other accessories. Take it to bring laughter to yourself and friends around you! If you like this felt frog hanging decoration, I’m glad this step by step tutorial may help you to learn how to make it.

Materials and tools for making a funny frog hanging decoration:

12mm Synthetic Turquoise beads, Flat Round, Mixed Color
2mm Round Seed Beads, Black
Felt (Dark Green & Lime Green & Red & White)
Sewing Threads, Mixed Color
Mobile Strap, Yellow (Not Shown)
Jump Ring
Bead Reamer (Not Shown)
Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

materials and tools for making a funny frog hanging decoration

How to make a felt frog hanging decoration?

Step 1: cut components of frog

1st, cut out components needed for making a frog from felt, including two white round pieces as eyes, four small red pieces as blush, a dark green round piece as face, two dark green upraised hands, a lime green mouth, a dark green clothes, two dark green feet and three white strips.

cut components of frog

Step 2: finish the frog

1st, arrange eyes, mouth and blush on the face as the picture shows and secure with glue or threads in similar colors. Glue two black seed beads in the center of two white turquoise beads, the glue them to the felt eyes respectively;
2nd, glue or sew three white strips on the clothes as embellishments;
3rd, attach two feet with two green turquoise beads to the backside of the clothes by gluing or sewing;
4th, joint frog’s face and clothes and add two hands at both sides.

finish the frog

Step 3: add hanging strap

1st, punch a hole between eyes with bead reamer and attach the mobile strap with a jump ring. Here I simplified the method by sewing a nylon thread at back.

add hanging strap

Look here!

finished funny frog hanging decoration

Personally speaking, I love this frog hanging decoration so much! It’s so cute! The frog’s gesture is like say hi to everybody, isn’t it?

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