Jewelry Making for Beginners- A Pair of Valentine's Day Ring for Couples

Summary: Jewelry making for beginners is one of the easiest crafts for a beginner to get into. In this tutorial, you can speedily create a pair of heart shape valentines day ring. No matter to given to beloved him or her, it can be more appreciated than those directly bought from the boutiques.

The Valentine’s Day is the day of love, flowers, romance and gifts such as rings; but how to give a gift ring but not the engagement ring? While facing this situation, another headache problem may be raised that which type of ring may value most? I may recommend the handmade valentines day ring. In this plan, things you’ll need totally are two 15cm long Aluminum wires and a set common jewelry making pliers.

Materials needed in the valentines day ring:

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to start the jewelry making for beginners?

Step1: preparations for your valentines day ring

Cut out about 15~18cm Aluminum wire with the Side Cutting Plier.

Step2: wrap the ring

1. Fold the wire in half to form a chevron;

2. Wrap the right wire part around the bottom of Round Nose Plier 3/4 turn;

3. Do the same process with left side wire;

4. When two ends come across at one point, flatten the rest ends and loop a ring around your fingers. 

Finally, curve the ending tips inwards.

Delicate heart valentines' day ring, as well as a token of your sincere and persistent love; even though it not precious or well-designed, its creativity and simple design are two crucial factors remain it never be out of the fashion. No matter you are one person or have the beloved ones, wearing this rings can make you adorable and lively! For more Jewelry making for beginners, please keep your attentions here in pandahall!

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