Bracelet Making Ideas- How to Make Bracelets Given as Great Valentines Day Gifts

Summary: For some means to memorize the romantic occasions, great valentines day gifts can always play an prominent role. In today’s bracelet making ideas, with clear photos and detailed words explanations, you will see how to make bracelets with wavy appearance.

When speaking out love in the sweet day, are the blooms and chocolate enough? I may say “definitely NO”! The sincere word like “you’re special” must be accompanied with something truly meaningful as well. Hence, as a handmade jewelry fancier, I have collected amounts of bracelet making ideas for great valentines day gifts. At present is a project about how to make bracelets with wavy appearance. 

Materials you’ll need in bracelet making ideas

Acrylic Beads-Imitation shell & pearl

Peace sign Tibetan Silver Pendant


Crimp bead

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

How to make bracelets given as great valentines day gifts?

Step1: bead the fundamental part

1. Snip 120cm long Tiger tail wire. Slide the clasp onto center position and next three 4mm black Acrylic Beads onto each working ends. Cross both ends through one 6mm bugle bead.

2. Add one 4mm black Acrylic Beads on right side end and cross both tips through one 6mm bugle bead again; repeat the same process for four times and then change adding beads with left end.

3. Keep beading by working with the two ends alternately; you will obtain a wavy pattern in the end.

4. Cross two tips through seven beads group: 4mm black Acrylic Bead*3, peace sign Tibetan Silver Pendant and 4mm black Acrylic Bead*3.

Step2: make the embellish trim

1. As the photo shows, on the crest, supply the 4mm Coffee bead and 6mm coconut brown bead as diagram shows;

2. To the trough, insert one 8mm Coconut brown bead.

Similarly, keep the above actions for whole bracelet.

Step3: how to make bracelets a natural ending

Thread the excess wire through the adjoining beads for several times. In the end, remove the extra portion and your bracelet has done!

While following the bracelet making ideas, you may need to thread the wire through one bead for more than three times. This means you should better choose the thinner Tiger Tail wire in accord to the beads’ hole. Addi

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