How to Make a Light Pink Ribbon Rose Brooch in a New Way

Summary: This is a tutorial on how to make a ribbon rose brooch. The flower brooch is pink and pale green and totally designed in a new way.

How to Make a Light Pink Ribbon Rose Brooch in a New Way

I don’t mean to boast, this rose brooch is so gorgeous and versatile! It is perfect for wearing in daily life as well as in special occasions, such as a wedding. Speaking of wedding, you can wear this pink ribbon rose brooch to attend a wedding, or make some for bridesmaids on your own wedding. Isn’t it great?

Materials and tools for making a light pink ribbon rose brooch:

15mm Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain, Pink
6mm Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain, Pale Green
10mm Plastic Cabochons, Half Round, Ivory
Lace Trim, Light Pink
Brass Brooch Cabochon Setting, Silver
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making a light pink ribbon rose brooch

How to make a light pink ribbon rose brooch?

Step 1: make a ribbon rose

1st, cut out a long strip of pink ribbon, the length determines the size of ribbon flower. Hold one end with right hand, then pinch the ribbon near the end with left hand; Fold the ribbon in left hand towards right and pinch the ruffle with right hand. Next fold the second ruffle, remember to glue for securing while folding;
2nd, continue folding in the same way until you finish the first layer;
3rd, use the tail of ribbon to make the second layer of the flower. Make sure the second layer is larger than the first layer;
4th, do the same to finish the third layer when is larger than the second layer. A ribbon rose has been done.

make a ribbon rose

Step 2: add embellishments and brooch setting

1st, cut out a round piece from the light pink lace trim which is larger than the bottom layer of the ribbon rose. Glue the round lace trim at the backside of the ribbon rose;
2nd, turn the flower over with the right side upwards. Glue a cabochon at the center of the ribbon rose;
3rd, cut out four strips of pale green ribbons. Fold them in half and glue both ends;
4th, glue four folded pale green ribbons at two sides of the ribbon rose evenly and a brooch finding at the back in place.

add embellishments and brooch

This is the final look:

finished light pink ribbon rose brooch

The tutorial on how to make a ribbon rose brooch has finished. When making the flower, it will be beautiful as long as you fold the ribbon in that way naturally. So take it easy!

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