How to Make Cluster Earrings with Pink Pearls and Chains

Summary: This easy craft tutorial will teach you to make pink pearl beaded cluster earrings within two simple steps! click to check the detailed information.

How to Make Cluster Earrings with Pink Pearls and Chains

Pink pearls are my favorite beads. In this easy craft tutorial, I would like to make a pair of chic cluster earrings with pink pearls and brass chains. The materials and tools for this tutorial are listed below:

4mm pink glass pearls
6mm pink glass pearls
Earring hooks
Brass cross chain
Head pins
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

Instructions on how to make pearl cluster earrings:

Step 1: Make pearl dangles

1st, thread pink pearl onto head pin, bend the pin into right angle;
2nd, loop the end and cut off the excess pin.

Step 2: Attach chain to ear hook

1st, slide 3cm brass chain onto ear hook;
2nd, attach above pink pearl dangles onto chain, arranging them into fishbone pattern.

Make the final large dangle and attach it to the end link.

So the simple cluster earrings are done! You can try other colors, like white, ivory, sky-blue and light violet.

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