How to Bead Star Shaped Earrings for Christmas with Glass Beads

Summary: How to bead earrings for Christmas with just a bunch of glass beads and a nylon wire? In this tutorial, I would like to tell you how to make it in an easiest way.

How to Bead Star Shaped Earrings for Christmas with Glass Beads

A beautiful pair of star shaped earrings can add extra delight for our Christmas holiday. These delicate beaded star earrings are easy to make. Let’s go and see how to bead these earrings.

Materials needed for beading star shaped earrings:

3mm Glass Seed Beads
1.5mm Seed Beads
Crackle Beads
Iron Beading Needles
Nylon Wire
Plastic Earring Earnuts
Iron Earring Hooks

materials for beading star shaped earrings

How to bead star shaped earrings?

Step1: String inner bead circle  

1st, take a wire of 30 cm in length, and string one crackle bead and one 3mm glass seed bead into it. Then repeat the sequence 4 times;
2nd, pass needle again from first to last so as to create a circle;
3rd, pull the circle over tightly and do some wireless knots to stop it from falling apart.

wire inner bead circle

Step2: Wire outer beaded star corners

1st, wire three 1.5mm glass seed beads and one 3mm glass seed bead, then another three 1.5mm glass seed beads with the next one 3mm glass seed bead;
2nd, repeat the same sequence until there is 5 corners.

wire outer beaded star corners

Step3: Make the beaded part between earring pendant and earring hook

1st, surf needle out from 3mm glass seed bead circle. Then go through two 15 / 0 Glass Seed Beads and one 3mm seed. Put another three 3mm seeds onto the wire. Next, pull the wire to remain it well;
2nd, connect one three 3mm seed and two other 3mm seed to make a small circle;
3rd, enter another thread three 3mm seeds and make another small circle;
4th, string last five 1.5mm glass seed beads in a line next to the second small circle.

make the beaded part between earring peandant and earring hook

Step4: Finish the star shaped earring.

1st, circle the last five 1.5mm glass seed bead and make some knots firmly;
2nd, wire the earring hook with the middle beaded part and enter the plastic earring earnuts.
3rd, the first earring is ready. The same operation also applies to the second earring.

finish the star shapped earring

So I’ve finished the beaded star shaped earrings for Christmas! It seems complicated but you’ll find it easy to process. This beautiful pair of earrings can be worn at Christmas time or even other holidays. You guys can also give it a shot.

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