How to make hair accessories with ribbon- a simple and new way to diy jewelry

Summary: Looking for novel diy jewelry ideas? “How to make hair accessories with ribbon” tutorial would satisfy you; hair clip is one kind of cute jewelry making ideas!

Some diy tutorials about hair accessories will bring some troubles for diy novices more or less, as they require many petty things like needle, sewing thread, scissors and more; considering such situation, I suggest the tutorial “how to make hair accessories with ribbon” for you, because it requires fewer things and is simple to handle.


The materials and tools:

Wavy ribbons

Hair pins

Felt pieces

Hot glue gun

All steps for the flower bud accessories:
Step 1: make the flower bud with ribbon
First, Snip a proper length of ribbon 
Second, dab a spot of glue onto one end of ribbon and roll up the rest meanwhile drip glues to secure the rolled shape;
Third, glue the other end to bud and trim off excess ribbon if necessary.
Step 2: finish the bud ornament
Set the flower bud onto felt piece with hot glue and give a nice cut to the excess felt.
Step 3: cute hair pin’s created
Combine flower bud with pin by glue.
Congratulations! The first pinky rose hair pin is created; now follow the simple 3 steps of how to make hair accessories with ribbon, you can make out more amazing hair pins and other pieces. Learn diy jewelry tutorials and enjoy crafts.

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