How to Wear Gold Jewelry

Summary: Gold is precious and versatile, which can be molded into different fine artistry. How to wear gold jewelry matters a lot to us. This post will give you some tips on wearing gold jewelry in a chip way.

How to Wear Gold Jewelry

Wearing gold jewelry is quite popular neither in public places nor formal occasions. However, wearing right jewelry can pull us together with our outfit. Wrong jewelry can make us rather rough and ridiculous. In this article, we will tell you how to wear gold jewelry that may get you more compliments.

4 tips about wearing gold jewelry:

1. Never wear too much gold jewelry all at a time.

You can choose one gold ring, gold bracelet or gold necklace to match well with your cloth. Wearing too much gold jewelry may make you complicated and ridiculous. Actually this rule applies to any kind of jewelry.

2. Match with your outfit and tone of your skin.

As we all know that there are two kinds of gold jewelry in the market: yellow gold and white gold. You can choose the right gold jewelry according to your outfit and the tone of your skin. For example, if you wear black clothes, you can go with yellow gold jewelry. As for tone of skin, go for the gold that will add glow to your skin. Yellow gold may be harsh on some complexions, so you can consider white or other shades.

3. When to wear yellow and white gold jewelry.

Comparably speaking, yellow gold jewelry looks solemn and elegant. The white gold jewelry is more casual.
For yellow gold jewelry, if you want to wear gold jewelry during the day time, you can wear a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or even a gold watch. That is enough. If during the night time, you can choose yellow gold jewelry with a beautiful black dress. As for white gold, you can wear it with most all colors during the day time, and at night outings, you may match it with some sequins or other metals.

4. Match with other jewelry.

Can gold jewelry be matched with other jewelry? Yes, it’s OK to wear gold other jewelry at the same time. On the conditions that style and color should be relatively matched, otherwise it will be strange.

After learning how to wear gold jewelry, you may find your own way of wearing and matching to show your confidence. You can share these tips with your friends. By the way, regular care needed to be done to ensure your precious god jewelry stays new. Please refer to this article how to take care of gold jewelry if you’re interested.

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