Amber Jewelry Care and Cleaning Tips

Summary: Amber jewelry is an attractive and precious elegant ornament. And cleaning amber jewelry is important to ensure it stays new. This post will tell you some useful care and cleaning tips.

Amber Jewelry Care and Cleaning Tips

Do you have amber jewelry? The amber jewelry can be antique and modern. Actually the amber is alive. It is still breathing and interacting with environment. The color can change as time goes. Amber jewelry is very beautiful and delicate. Since it belongs to the organic compound, it can’t be exposed to high temperature or widely fluctuating temperatures, otherwise it will crack. So next, I would like to introduce you some amber jewelry care and cleaning tips.

Amber jewelry cleaning tips:

1. When clean amber jewelry, you can sink an outing cloth and then use it to scrub the jewelry. At last, use another outing cloth to dry it.
2. If your amber jewelry gets dirty, you can use warm water to clean it, and dry it with a soft cloth, and then polish it with some virgin olive oil to so that restore its luster.
3. You can sink the amber jewelry into the warm water mixed with few drops of detergent. Then scrub it and resin it under running water.

Amber jewelry care tips:

1. Avoid touching the volatile and highly corrosive substance. Amber is organic gem, and those kinds of substance will do harm to it.
2. Store your amber jewelry in a soft cloth separately. Don't keep it with other jewelries in case of scratches.
3. Never leave your amber jewelry under direct sunlight.
4. Care for it timely. Use a damp cloth to scrub it after wearing.
5. Never use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean the amber jewelry.
6. Perfumes and hairspray should be used before wearing jewelry, or it may lose its shine forever.

Amber is not as stable as other normal jewelry stones you’re used to wearing. Even though it’s solid, it is fragile and will easily get damaged. So you need to put much more attention on its storage and care. Hope above tips about amber jewelry caring and cleaning can help you. Your amber jewelry can bring you good luck.


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