4 Tips about Buying Emerald Jewelry

Summary: Emeralds look fabulous because of its lustrous green color. Many people love it. And this post will tell you some tips about buying emerald jewelry. It may help you to make the best worthy purchase.

4 Tips about Buying Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds have been regarded as one of the mostly high prized gems in the world since ancient times. Emerald jewelry can make us more elegant. Do you want to buy emerald jewelry? And what should you pay attention to when you buy it? Actually it is similar with purchasing diamonds. Next, we would like to show you some tips about buying emerald jewelry.

4 tips about buying emerald jewelry:

1. You should know whether the emerald has been treated or not. Now many gemstones have undergone treatments known as enhancements to enhance the beauty of a gem by colorless oil. Whether the emerald has been treated has something to do with the way you care for the emerald jewelry.
2. The 4C’s, same with diamonds are important characteristics of the emeralds. The 4C’s are color, clarity, cut and carat.


The color is the most important factor. High-quality emeralds range from shy of Kelly green to a deep jungle or teal green.


If the emerald has no cracks and less inclusion that are visible to the naked eye and if it shines brilliantly from inside the stone, it will be highest quality emerald.


Brilliant emeralds of rectangular with angled cut corners will always shine better and the price will be higher.


Carat weight is determined by using of a gemology scale, and the higher the weight, the more valuable the emerald.
3. Ask where the emerald came from. The value of emerald is also affected by the place of origin. For example, the emeralds from Columbia are considered the highest quality. Better emeralds also come from Zambia, Africa.
4. You can choose the metal that matches well with the emerald. Then it can be your great emerald jewelry to shine your unique charm.

Emeralds are always lovely choice for people who enjoy greenery and the outdoors. They are a kind of unique alternative gem for both ladies and gentlemen. Now, do you know how to buy emerald jewelry? Hope the above 4 tips can help you to buy good emerald jewelry. Good luck in advance!

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