Quick Steps to Make Personalized 3-Strand Pearl Bracelet

Summary: A pearl cuff bracelet always looks elegant. In this tutorial, you only need a few simple materials to make such a beautiful 3-strand bracelet with only a few materials.

Quick Steps to Make Personalized 3-Strand Pearl Bracelet

This 3-stand pearl bracelet is quite simple to make, as no jewelry-making skills and techniques involved, so even beginners can finish it easily. Here let’s start to make a 3-strand pearl bracelet.

Materials needed for making 3-strand pearl bracelet:

Pearl beads strands
Brass crimp beads
Crystal Thread
Iron spacer with 3 holes

materials for making 3-strand pearl bracelet

How to make a 3-strand pearl bracelet?

Step1. Cut 3 crystal threads about 25-30 cm in length. Put on 8 pearl beads and 1 iron spacer with 3 holes, and then put on another 8 pearl beads.

string beads and iron spacer

Step2. Again put the third iron spacer with 3 holes and a third bunch of 8 pearl beads. The two ends of the wire are inserted into a brass crimp beads. After connecting the two ends, cut the surplus thread.

make first pearl circle by stringing beads and iron spacer to

Step3. Put on the thread of 8 pearl beads and insert it into the second hole of the iron spacer with 3 holes, and repeat until it meets the other end of the wire. Insert the ends of a brass crimp beads and connect the two ends to finish the second pearl circle.

make the second pearl circle

Step4. The same applies to the last strand.

make the third pearl circle

Step5. At last, gather the three strands of pearl beads by knotting the crystal threads tightly.

knot the two ends tightly

At this time your pearl cuff bracelet is finished easily.

finished 3-strand pearl bracelet

So the 3-strand pearl bracelet can be finished so fast, and your hard work proves to worth it a try, right? You can show your friends the beautiful bracelet or even teach them how to do. Hope you can enjoy making your own jewelry crafts.

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