Costume Jewelry Collection Guide to Help You Find the Most Collectible Costume Jewelry

Summary: This costume jewelry collection guide will help people who want to collect costume jewelry but have no idea how to get started.

Costume Jewelry Collection Guide to Help You Find the Most Collectible Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry generally refers to fashion jewelry which is popular among fashion designers. A lot of people enjoy collecting costume jewelry with ingenious designs. Though the metals or gemstones used in costume jewelry are less expensive than fine jewelry, the pieces are finely crafted and beautiful in their own right. Some vintage costume jewelry pieces are pretty valuable. As a novice of collector, you may be confused by kinds of costume jewelry and can’t tell which pieces are collectible. The best way to start your journey of costume jewelry collection is to have a clear knowledge of it.


1. It’s not recommended that you start off with countless cheap pieces because they break easily and are not exquisite. Buy something nice. Though they are more expensive, they are collectible, and you can only buy one at a time.

2. Having a book on gemstones, metals or costume jewelry collection will help you a lot. You will learn attribution of the gemstones used in the jewelry you are interested in and how to price the jewelry, so you won't get ripped off.

3. Acquaint yourself with costume designers and their styles. There are some of the most sought after designers - Trifari, Miriam Haskell, Marcel Boucher, Schiaparelli, and many others that you can get to know. And Coco Chanel became known for her layers of faux pearls and chains. Almost every designer has their own concept only and you can choose someone or more you like.

4. When starting to collect costume jewelry, you can choose jewelry designed by a certain designer or company, or just collect a specific type of jewelry, such as vintage costume jewelry. Only when you focus on one thing, you can do the best.

5. Where to buy costume jewelry? Some proficient collectors frequent flea markets. In Paris, Marché aux Puces are good choices. In Manhattan, you can go to the Chelsea Flea on W. 25th Street, and in Brooklyn, to Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg. Lincoln Road is the first choice in Miami. And there are many antiques shows in Los Angeles. Online auctions are not recommended to novice.

6. Condition issues are huge. Only buy costume jewelry which is more or less in mint condition. If the piece needs significant refurbishing, such as half the stones are missing, don’t buy it. Repairing is very difficult and not worth it.

7. For selecting a piece of vintage costume jewelry, you have to see the back of the piece. If there's green rust, the jewelry has already been damaged. The next thing is to check the signature. The correct signature provides clues in regard to when the jewelry would have been produced. Often the real old jewelry is unsigned, and you have to find out its construction clues.

8. The most important thing is to spot a fake. You can learn how to identify fakes by researching on it and asking proficient collectors or jewelers for help.

9. Don’t pay too much for any piece of jewelry without doing research. It takes experience to know which pieces are collectible and which are not. You have to go to the stores, go to the shows and touch the pieces. If you see a piece of costume jewelry in a store and you want to buy it, look it up on the computer or go to other stores to see whether the price is fair. It is inevitable that the price in a store is higher, but it’s safer.

10. If you collect costume jewelry because you love it and intend to keep it, buy those pieces that you are falling in love and instantly strike your heart. If you do not love it, you should not buy it! Collecting vintage costume jewelry as an investment is another pair of shoes. You need to buy those which will rise in value.

Now you’ve got some clues on collecting costume jewelry, just take the first step if you really love costume jewelry collection. Hope this guide can help you find out which pieces of costume jewelry are the most collectible!

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