Bangle Making Tutorial - How to Make Beaded Bangle Bracelets with Nylon Threads

Summary: This is a bangle making tutorial that includes detailed illustrations and elaborate directions on how to make beaded bangle bracelets with nylon thread. Easy and fun!

How to make beaded bangle bracelets? To start with the colorful dangle bracelets making tutorial, you should firstly choose the proper color threads and beads for your friend or the gift receiver. After that, your bangle can be finished in a short time. The cost is low and skill is practically effortless. Just keep reading and the tutorial will start here.

Materials you'll need in the colorful dangle bracelets DIY:

8mm Acrylic Beads-Colorful

1mm Nylon Thread

Hook and S-Hook Clasp



How to make beaded bangle bracelets with nylon thread?

Step1: Attach the threads onto clasp

Prepare two strands 1mm Nylon Thread of each color, one about 80cm for the working ends and one 40cm for central holding ends. In the diy bangles, you may need totally 10 strings like that;

Next, pass the two same color strands through one hole on your clasp by utilizing section of remaining tiger tail wire;

Pull the threads and fix them by tying one square knot. Keep the thread tips stay symmetrical. Do same for the next four colors.

Step2: Add on beads

Each time once finished a complete square knot thread one 8mm acrylic bead onto the holding ends. One strand may require 15 groups of the knot and bead.

In accordance to the above processes, finish the rest four strands.

Please just freely arrange and assemble the beads with threads depending on your preference.

Step3: Conclude the whole diy bangles

Bring the holding ends through the holes on other portion of the clasp as what we done at beginning. Tie a fasten knot to anchor the threads.

Finally, trim all excess threads and lightly melt the ending parts with lighter.

The diy bangles is sort of base for really fun and amazing string bracelets, you can create many different types items as selecting various colors and beads. By means of this method, you are not only obtaining a new piece of wearable art, but also an actually convenient way to plump your wrist. For more plans on how to make bangle bracelets by strings and beads, just stay tuned! Nice day to all!

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