How to Make a Headband with Lovely Green Bows in Fresh Style

Summary: Find out how to make headbands with bows here! This is a felt headband with five green bows in fresh style which is so perfect for little girls.

How to Make a Headband with Lovely Green Bows in Fresh Style

Since I determined to make green bows from the beginning, the rest is to find materials which are matched with the green bows. The light yellow looks very beautiful with green, so I only used felt in these two colors, and it turns out great! To make this bow headband, you only need to prepare felt, white acrylic cabochons and some common tools.

Materials and tools for making a felt headband with green bows:

10mm Acrylic Cabochons, Half Round, White
Felt (Green & Light Yellow)
Plastic Headband
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making a felt headband with green bows

How to make a felt headband with green bows?

Step 1: embellish the headband

1st, cut out five rectangles from green felt measuring 8*2.5cm and five strips from yellow felt measuring 3.5cm or so. Then cut out a long strip from yellow felt according to the shape of headband measuring 9cm shorter than the headband, and two strips from green felt measuring 6cm;
2nd, glue the long yellow strip on the headband without covering both ends;
3rd, glue two 6cm long green strips next to the ends of long yellow strip. Wrap both ends of headband with excess green strips and secure with glue;
4th, this is the decorated headband.

embellish the headband

Step 2: make five folded bows

1st, trim five green rectangles into bow shapes;
2nd, fold both ends of the bow shape backwards to the middle, you will get a small folded bow;
3rd, wrap the middle of the small folded bow with a 3.5cm long yellow strip. Do the same to make another four folded bows;
4th, glue five bows on the headband in place, each with a white cabochon at the center.

make five folded bows

This is the finished felt headband with green bows:

finished felt headband with green bows

I find that it may be better to cut the long yellow strip wider to cover the inside of the headband. And you can sew the green felt at both ends for durability. This green bows headband is also suitable for babies as long as you use ribbons or soft cloth in similar colors to wrap the headband instead of felt.

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