Tutorial - Make a Blooming Flower Brooch out of 3mm Pink Seed Beads

Summary: Wondered how to make a special flower brooch? Here, by using the 3mm seed beads, 8mm yellow glass beads and brass wire, you can make a pink beaded flower brooch with great ease.

Tutorial - Make a Blooming Flower Brooch out of 3mm Pink Seed Beads

If you love to bead, you’ll definitely love to make this beaded flower brooch. Although the seed beads may seem intimidating or tricky to work with, you can start today’s seed bead flower project easily and rapidly. What’s more, once you learn the simple technique you will be able to create as many as variations of the same basic flower for different usages.

Supplies needed for making beaded flower brooch:

3mm Round Seed Beads (Pink & Green)
8mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
Brooch findings
Round Felt Piece
0.3mm Brass Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutters Pliers
Hot Melt Glue Gun

Supplies needed for making beaded flower brooch

How to start the seed bead flower brooch?

Step 1: Create the petals of flower

1st, cut a 60cm piece of brass wire and then slide four 3mm pink seed beads to its center location;
2nd, cross two wire ends through another six 3mm pink seed beads;
3rd, add the 3mm seed beads like: 8, 10, 12 and 14. Tighten the wire carefully so the beaded part will form a natural inward radian as picture shows;

make the top half part of flower petal

4th, decrease the number of added seed beads one by one (or two by two for a more round petal);
5th, stop adding beads once there are only three 3mm seed beads in the last row;
6th, twist the leftover brass wires and there you’ve finished one complete petal of the seed bead flower;
7th, do procedures 1~6 above for getting 4 or more petals.

complete one petal and then make another 4

Step 2: Make the leaf with 3mm green seed beads

The procedures of making leaf are basically as same as those for making the petals. Just one thing notice: you need to increase (or decrease) the number of added seed beads one by one for the sake of an oval leaf shape.

Make the leaf with 3mm green seed beads

Step 3: Assemble the petals and leaf into a flower

1st, pick any 2 of the prepared petals, twist the wire to hold them together. Then add the 3rd, 4th and the 5th one in same way;

Assemble the petals

2nd, now you’ll get a bud or a blooming beaded flower;

a semi-finished beaded flower pattern

3rd, add the green leaf.

add the green leaf

Step 4: Glue on the brooch setting

1st, twist all leftover wires into one bunch;
2nd, rotate the wire bunch to make a flat round base;

deal with the leftover wire tails

3rd, affix three 8mm glass beads in center location as stamen;
4th, glue on the round felt piece and brooch setting by using glue gun;
5th, there you’ve made your beaded flower brooch! What a cute accessory, right?

attach the felt piece and brooch setting at back side

Just wear it now!

finished beaded flower brooch

Like it? It makes really great accessory for one own as well as ingenious gift for friends. Now, just make it and try adopting it the way you prefer, such as a necklace, a bracelet or a bouquet decoration. All can be magic!

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