How to Make Charm Pendant Necklace Step by Step

Summary: Do you love DIY jewelry? Here we want to show you an idea about making a charm pendant necklace. It is very cute.

How to Make Charm Pendant Necklace Step by Step

We will make an open heart pendant and use many dangles to decorate it. So this pendant necklace will be great. It is very easy to make. And we will show you the making process step by step.

5 steps to make charm pendant necklace:

1. Prepare materials: aluminum wire, brass chain, headpin, jumpring, lobster clasp and bicone glass beads.

supplies needed to make charm pendant necklace

2. Cute a certain length of aluminum wire and make it into a heart-like shape as picture shows below.

make a heart shape component with wire

3. Make glass bead dangles. Slide glass bead onto headpin and make a simple loop over the bead.

4. Hook the glass bead dangles to the loop of the heart-like pendant. Connect the brass chain to each end of the pendant with jumpring.

5. Add jumpring to each end of the brass chain and add a lobster clasp to one jumpring of them.

Done! You can make it for your friend or child. They will love this so cute charm pendant necklace.

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