Beading tutorials-handmade bead jewelry for matching with sweater

Summary: Here are one of collection of beading tutorials to get you start a piece of handmade bead jewelry. It is a long necklace mainly out of chain and several shell beads. Just explore your undiscovered creativity and talents on craft by it.

To learn how to make bead jewelry is a wonderful way to explore your talent and genius in some special method. Via reading and figuring out the diagrams, you can satisfy yourself during producing a final product with a large variety of materials and techniques as well as obtain new piece for the wardrobe. If you enjoy diy plans, you may like this handmade bead jewelry guide. 

Things you’ll need in handmade bead jewelry

Shell Beads Strand

Coral Beads Strand

Tibetan bead cap

Golden Crimp bead

Crimp Bead cover


0.5mm Tiger Tail wire

How to start the handmade bead jewelry?

Step1: make the chain fringe pendant

Separate about 30-40cm long chain off the coil. Fold it for several times and string the folded locations with one 50cm long Tiger Tail Wire. Stop the chain at middle of the wire and pass the two wire ends together through one Tibetan bead cap, one Red Coral Bead and two Shell Beads.

Step2: embellish the necklace chain

In the chain, you may mainly adopt the following three elements: crimp bead, crimp bead cover and shell beads.

Slide and pinch the crimp bead about 3cm far away from the pendant part. Then coat it with matched crimp bead cover. Finally, thread one shell bead and this will be regarded as one sample basic group. Keep repeating same processes until both wire ends are decorated well. 

Step3: conclude the handmade bead jewelry

When entire necklace reaches an ideal length, tie a fasten knot tightly with two ends. Then trim excess wire and adore the knot by applying one crimp bead cover.

Even if you do not have any experience in designing and practicing, you can finish this handmade bead jewelry individually soon. Simply ensure what you want your jewelry would be and consider the materials you would like to use. After you planned out entire beading tutorials, you can get started as soon as possible.

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