Tutorial on Make a 6-strand Leather Bracelet with Skull Rhinestone Link

Summary: Here you will learn how to make leather braided bracelet; all the following contents will walk you through the basics of braiding a 6-strand bracelet, with merely 30 minutes!

Tutorial on Make a 6-strand Leather Bracelet with Skull Rhinestone Link

Leather braided bracelets are some of wrist accessories that being enjoyed a great reputation for long time. Therefore, learn how to braid them can add kicks to a personal outfit as well as create pretty gifts among girls. Now, check out this braid bracelet pattern and you will be able to make a simple 6-strand bracelet within 30 minutes!

Supplies needed in the leather braided bracelet:

8mm Glass Pearl Beads
Skull Alloy Rhinestone Link
Crimp Bead
Cord Ends
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.38mm Tiger Tail Wire
1mm Cowhide Leather Cord
Wire Cutter Pliers

Supplies needed in the leather braided bracelet

How to braid the 6-strand bracelet?

Step 1: Braid the 6-strand bracelet part

1st, cut three 80cm strands of leather cord;
2nd, fold them in half and tie the center location by using a string;
3rd, take R1 over R2, R3, L3 and L2, then bring the R1 under L2 and L3. Now, the R1 will be the new “R3”;
4th, take the L1 over L2, L3, (new) R3 and R2, then ring L under R2 and (new) R3;

start to braid the 6-strand leather bracelet

5th, repeat the 4th and 5th procedures with new R1 and L1 cord ends;

keep braiding

6th, once the part reaches 2/3 of your bracelet, stop braiding and secure the location with tape;
7th, finally, remove the excess leather cords.

remove the excess leather cords

Step 2: Create the focus beaded part

1st, attach the cord end with pliers;

attach the cord ends

2nd, cut a short piece of tiger tail wire and thread it through the cord end on one tip;
3rd, slide one crimp bead, push upwards and then squeezing with pliers;
4th, string three pearl beads and one crimp bead on the wire, then thread through one side of the skull bead. Finally, thread the wire back through the crimp bead. Pull tightly and squeeze the crimp bead;
5th, open the next cord end and attach the lobster claw clasp. Meanwhile, add one jumpring to the other side of the skull bead.

make the focus beaded part


finished 6-strand leather braided bracelet

Voilà! Making your own leather braided bracelets is fun, easy and inexpensive. As a token of friendship, these handmade trinkets may worth far more than the Swarovski crystals or other precious gifts.

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