How to Make a Leather Mobile Chain with 4 Easy Steps

Summary: When we think about mobile phone accessories, the mobile chain comes to our mind first. In this tutorial, we want to tell you how to make a leather mobile chain.

How to Make a Leather Mobile Chain with 4 Easy Steps

The leather mobile chain is very cool. Apart from the leather, we add a pendant to it. And it is suitable for boys and girls. If you want to make some accessories for your mobile phone, you can try it. It can be your unique mobile accessory.

4 steps for making leather mobile chain:

1. Prepare materials: suede cord, ribbon end, jumpring, shoe pendant and cord loop.

supplies needed in the Leather Mobile Chain

2. Attach the ribbon end: cut a certain length of suede cord and insert two ends of it into the ribbon end, and then squeeze the ribbon end.

steps on Making a Leather Mobile Chain

3. Hook the ribbon end and the shoe pendant to a jumpring.

4. Connect the jumpring to the jumpring of the mobile phone strap.

Done! You can hang it onto your mobile phone.

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